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My Biggest Fan

A lot of my success and perseverance in golf can be attributed to the person who first introduced me to the game, my mom (awww). But really, she is my biggest fan and has been with me through all the ups and downs.She’s seen me shoot 68 and 95. She’s is a very good player who’s played golf all her life. She started following me at tournaments when I was 12 and is still following me today. This past year she made a trip to Florida, Louisiana, Chicago, and Indiana to watch me play. She’s gone out Washington with me and even driven me to Philadelphia to play in a junior tournament.

It’s funny, I know when she gets mad at me when she’s watching. When I make a dumb mistake or decision I know that she’s talking to herself and wondering why I did that. Then after the round she’ll call me and go through every hole and ask me what I was thinking on certain shots. She’s followed me when I’ve been in some pretty high pressure situations and sometimes she can’t even watch because she gets so nervous. I remember this one time I was on the seventeeth hole of a tournament and I had a 4 foot par putt. As I was lining it up I could see my mom out of the corner of my eye and she was turned away! She couldn’t even watch. I know she loves every minute of it though.

Me, my mom, and my bro in Seattle, WA


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