So You Want to Start Playing Golf?

I recently got asked for suggestions on how to start playing golf so here’s a short list on how to get started….

1. Find a friend (or friend of a friend) who knows how to play or get a lesson from a local teaching pro.

If you’re just starting out it’s important to find someone who knows what they’re doing so they can teach you the basics. You also need clubs to start so it will be easier if you find someone who plays and has clubs so you can borrow until you want your own.

2. Start slowly by going to a public driving range

It’s important to first start hitting at the local driving range. There is one in Ann Arbor called Miles of Golf that is perfect for players of all abilities. If you go on the course without ever hit ball before you’ll be overwhelmed and unprepared. Sounds like common sense but you’d be suprised at the amount of people who start on the course.

3. Read a few things online about the basics of golf. Like this one below!! Perfect guide for beginners!

4. Most importantly, don’t get frustrated or discouraged!

Golf is difficult so it’s easy for beginners to get frustrated and give up. It takes practice to improve but ultimately, like I mentioned in my last post, it’s a game and it’s a lot of fun. Enjoy being outside and having some time to relax. Hitting balls at the driving range is the perfect way to blow off some steam.

Good Luck and Have Fun!


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Happy Memorial Day!

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank all those who serve our country and sacrifice to keep us safe. Thank you to those who put the safety of this country before their own needs and died fighting for it. We live in the greatest country in the world and it is important to remember those who fight to keep it that way.

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A Fun and Relaxing Weekend of Golf!

With all the pressure, seriousness, and stress that goes with playing college golf I think I had forgotten why I really love playing golf and why I still play. At times this year I viewed golf more as a job than as a fun game. And because of this I didn’t play as well as I would have hoped.

This weekend I was reminded why I love golf. I played the last 3 days at my home club, Birmingham CC, and loved every minute of it. No pressure, no coaches, just playing and having fun.

Friday night I played with two of my best friends, who I’ve played with since I was 11. We went out at 6:30, played 18 holes, had a couple beers, placed a few wagers (which I ended up losing) and just had a good time. We weren’t really focused on how we were playing, we just enjoyed each other’s company.

Today I played with my lil bro Jason who’s 16 and his friend. We only played nine hole and kinda goofed around on the course. It was a great time and I actually played really well.

For the first time in a while I really enjoyed being out on the course and playing. I enjoyed the great weather and good company. I ended up playing well because I wasn’t putting any pressure on myself. I needed a weekend like this to remind myself to not get too serious about golf and enjoy it for what it is… a game!

Birmingham CC


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Living in a Frat House Part 1: The Mud Bowl

My house. I lived on the third floor above the deck

Yes, I am in a frat. I know there are a lot of students out there who hate the Greek system. I thinks that’s because they only see certain aspects of the Greek life community, but whatever that’s a topic for another post. Anyways, don’t worry I’m not your stereotypical frat jerkoff.

This is the first post in a series that will document my year living in a fraternity house. It was awesome and I had a great time but one year was enough! There were 25 other guys living in the house and there were pretty much no rules. A recipe for chaos that’s for sure!

Every fall my fraternity, SAE, hosts whats called the Mud Bowl. Its an annual football game played in our back yard that has been a tradition for the last 79 years. Last year the event raised over $30,000 for Mott’s Children’s Hospital! Awesome stuff!

The green lawn seen in the picture above is becomes completely mud, see below. The Fire Department of Ann Arbor supplies 10,000 gallons of water to create the playing field.The game, a two-hand touch game except full contact everywhere else, usually takes place on Homecoming weekend but sometimes is pushed back because of scheduling conflicts. I played in the game when I was a sophomore, but couldn’t participate this year because of golf. Below are some pictures. Here is the link to an article about the tradition of the game and here is a link to a full photo album.

Mud Bowl

Yeah, sorority girls play at halftime.


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It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know

Like a lot of you out there as I’m getting older the reality that I will soon be entering the real world is starting to set in. I have one more year to live it up but after that I’m going to have to find a real job. Scary stuff. But the last couple summers when I’ve looked for internships I’m starting to realize more and more that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know (unless you want to be a doctor). Getting good grades obviously helps, especially if you want to work for an unreal company like Goldman Sachs, but in the end the connections you make and the network you establish will help a lot more.

This summer when I started looking for an internship in the finance world (I’m a numbers and people guy) the first thing I did was reach out to my neighbor who is a very successful financial advisor and an avid golfer. He was so happy to be helping out a young guy that was interested in the industry. I have very mediocre grades but by the next morning he had set up three interviews for me. In each interview we spent 80 percent of the time talking about golf and none of the guys even mentioned my grades or past experience in the industry (none).

The past year I have met so many people and made a lot of connections just because I am on the golf team here. This past spring break the team and I actually played golf with the Michigan Athletic Director Dave Brandon and a few big athletic boosters. We played at a couple different courses in Arizona that Mr. Brandon is a member at. He’s a member at 6 different golf clubs across the U.S. and he had only been to his amazing house that he calls Camp David (yes, he named his house) in Arizona once in the past year. I even had the opportunity to sit right next to him and his wife at a private dinner they held for their close friends and the team. He’s a super nice guy who has a great vision for the athletic department here at Michigan. Anyways, the point is I never would have had the opportunity to meet him or the other boosters if it wasn’t for golf and I am ever grateful for the opportunity.

So as your college experience begins to wind down, first and foremost have as much fun as possible, but also try to use the resources at your disposal and connections you’ve developed over the last few years. We are lucky to go to a university with a great reputation, a large alumni base, and a good career center so don’t be afraid to use them.


Team with Dave Brandon (bottom right) and other alumni. Scottsdale, AZ

Team at Dave Brandon’s house. Infinity edge pool! Scottsdale, AZ



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6 Ways to Manage Stress and Feeling Overwhelmed

We’ve all felt like this before

Normally I’m a pretty chill and laid back dude but this year, especially in the fall, I experienced more stress than I ever had in my life. Not just from the rigors of playing in a lot of golf tournaments but also from school and everything else I had going on. It was overwhelming at times. The spring season was a walk in the park compared to the fall because I learned how to deal with this stress. I’m not going to lie the tournaments are still very intense and stressful but I learned how to manage it a lot better.

Here are some tips that really helped me when I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed:

1. Find an activity or hobby that helps you take your mind off of everything else. My suggestion, find a good book!

Early this spring I was getting really down on myself because I was playing so poorly. I think it was because I was thinking about the tournament non-stop while we were on the road. I would build it up so much in my mind and I wanted to play well so badly that I would psych myself out. Well right about the same time The Hunger Games movie came out we had a tournament down in Louisiana. I decided to read the first Hunger Games book on the trip even though I had read like one other book in the last year. I read it the whole flight down there and every night after we played our tournament rounds. I finished the book on the trip and I ended up having my best tournament of the spring that week. I got lost in the book and as a result I wasn’t as stressed out about the tournament. I still haven’t seen the movie yet though….

2. Remind yourself how lucky you are.

I have really realized over the last year how lucky I am to go to such an amazing university like the University of Michigan and also play golf here. There are thousands of kids who would give anything to come to such a great university. When I don’t have the motivation to study or practice I try to remind myself how many other kids would love to be in my position.

3. Find a study buddy or someone you can vent to

For me it’s always good to talk to someone when you’re feeling stressed because in reality it’s all going work out, it always does. Luckily, I have a great coach, mom, and girlfriend who I could talk to when things got crazy. It’s just always nice to hear reassurance from other people.

4. Take a deep breath and chill!

Sometimes when I’m on the course and playing terrible, I just take a deep breathe and take in my surroundings. I tell myself it’s just a game and in the end how I play one round doesn’t matter at all. When you’re freaking out about an exam or something just take a deep breath and realize it’s all good!

5. Make a schedule

I’ve already talked about this but I can’t stress (pun intended) how important it is to manage your time, especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

6. Have a drink for Pete’s sake!

After a long day nothing tastes and eases the tension better than a cold beer or nice glass of wine.


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The Great Northwest

Chambers Bay Golf Course. University Place, WA. Yes, I played here..

The Home Course. Dupont, WA. I played here too

In the summer of 2010 I qualified for the U.S. Amateur, the biggest amateur golf tournament in the world. It was played in Washington at Chambers Bay Golf Course. It is located right on the Puget Sound and will be the site of the 2015 U.S. Open.  When I played it the president of the United States Golf Association said “Right now this is the hardest course in the world.” The second round of the tournament was held on The Home Course in Dupont, WA.

I didn’t play college golf at the time and probably 70 percent of the field were collegiate golfers. I was probably the only college student in field not on a college team. My brother, Joey, caddied for me and it was an unbelievable experience. Playing with some of the best players in the country on one of the best courses in the country, it doesn’t get much better than that for a guy like me.

Anyways I hope even if you’re not a golfer you can appreciate the awesomeness of courses like this. Golf has taken me all over the country and Washington was one of the best and most beautiful areas I’ve been to. Awesome restaurants and amazing scenery with all the mountains and bays. Oh, great golf courses too!

me and my bro

different background


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