About Me

Me looking for my golf ball.

I am currently a senior on the University of Michigan golf team. I grew up in Bloomfield Hills, MI and have been a Michigan fan my entire life. As a high school senior I was pretty much unrecruited by Division 1 schools so I decided to come to Michigan rather than play golf at a smaller school.  I wanted to have the normal “college experience” so I joined a fraternity and became a frat boy my first two years at Michigan but I never stopped playing golf and practicing as much as I could. After partying my face off, I decided i wanted to get more serious about my time here at Michigan so I worked as hard as I possibly could on my golf game and walked on to the team at the beginning of my junior year. Walk-ons are very unusual and rare on top ranked Division 1 teams like Michigan. As a junior I started all 11 events for the team.

During my junior year it took me a while to adjust to busy schedule of a student athlete. Between school, practice, tournaments, and my social life I was overwhelmed at times. I went from having too much free time as a freshman and sophomore to having no free time at all as a junior. I want this blog to not only chronical my journey, but also share some my experiences transitioning from a frat boy and a student athlete. Through these experiences I have learned a lot and I will also post advice and lessons I have learned along the way. I have been through a lot of ups and downs the last few years and I hope this is a place where I can share these experiences and maybe inspire some people. Thanks for reading and enjoy.



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