Playing Team Golf

12 Jun

There were a lot of adjustments to playing college golf but the biggest was getting used to playing TEAM golf again. After high school I had only played in summer tournaments where I played for myself. I played to test myself and see how good I was. If I played poorly I would just be disappointed in myself and my performance didn’t effect anyone else. But this year it was different. I was playing as a part of a team. I had two coaches watching me. If I played bad I would feel like I let down not only myself but also the team. And if I played well and the team played poorly it would be bittersweet. It’s weird playing the most individual of all sports in a team environment.

However there are aspects of the team that make golf more fun. You have guys to hang out with during tournaments and guys who can pick you up if you play bad. And in the end it’s much more rewarding if both I play well and the team plays well.

I learned how to be a better teammate over the course of the year that’s for sure. It’s easy to get down on yourself and be in a bad mood if you play bad but you realize that this can also bring down the mood of the whole team. I learned that it’s important to pick up guys when they play poorly and if I play poorly, not worry about it as much and focus on the team. It’s also important to always encourage guys to practice harder. It can give you more motivation when you’re practicing to know that you are working hard for the other guys too.

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