Tournament Weekend Schedule

10 Jun

I get asked a lot about the schedule for college golf. We actually don’t play matches, our whole schedule is three-day tournaments. This year we are going to play 5 tournaments in the fall and 6 in the spring. Here’s the normal schedule for tournaments.

Thursday afternoon/night – Fly to tournament. If the tournament is in the Midwest we might drive and if we drive we’ll take a charted bus.

Friday – Practice round. Normally in the morning but we always have a team workout and breakfast around 8am regardless. The practice rounds normally take around 5 and a half hours because we play in five-somes and everyone takes a lot of practice shots around the greens.

Saturday – First two rounds. We’re normally up around 6 and tee off at 8am. The rounds take at least 5 hours so we don’t get off the course until just before dark. It’s a long day.

Sunday – After playing 36 the day before we’re normally up at 6am again and we play the final round. The last round is always the hardest because you’re exhausted from the day before. After the round it’s off to the airport and by time I get back to my house in Ann Arbor it’s normally really late.

After the long weekends, let’s just say I didn’t go to very many of my Monday morning classes…


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