Puerto Rico and Midterms Week

03 Jun

This spring we went to Puerto Rico for a tournament. We left Ann Arbor on a Friday night and came back Tuesday night. Well, that Wednesday I had two midterms and on Thursday I had an economics midterm. In Puerto Rico we stayed at the Rio Mar Resort (pictured below) which was not the best environment for studying especially when it was 60 degrees warmer there at the time than in Ann Arbor.

How was I supposed to study here?!?

It was a three day tournament so we would play in the morning and then all the teams would go to the beach and the pools in the afternoon. There were some brutal farmer’s tans out there. Anyways, I only got like two hours of studying done total on the trip and as a result my exams didn’t go very well. I studied the night before for them. On my Latin American film midterm the teacher wrote “We need to talk” on my exam. That’s never good. When I went to talk to her, it turned out that she was from Puerto Rico so she gave me a break! Small world. As the semester went on I learned to plan ahead a little better and ended up making up for a couple bad exams.

The team during our practice round with an alumni.

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