Overview of My Journey

12 May

When I was 12 years old I had a dream that I would one day play golf for my favorite school, Michigan. And as a 16 year old junior golfer I realized I wasn’t good enough to play at Michigan. However, I received a lot of attention from other smaller schools so I wasn’t worried. I knew that if I played well in some tournaments the summer before my senior year then I would play golf at a college somewhere. Unfortunately I played terrible in all my tournaments and didn’t receive one scholarship offer from a Division 1 school!

At that point I decided to go to Michigan, not play golf anywhere, and have the normal “college experience”. When I made this decision it seemed like playing on the Michigan golf team was out of the question and I had accepted that. I joined a fraternity, lived it up, and didn’t touch a club all year.

The next summer, I started playing a lot again and in August I qualified for the U.S. Amateur, the biggest amateur golf tournament in the world. I was the only college student in the tournament that wasn’t on a college team. My game had risen to the next level so I decided to try to walk on to the team here at Michigan and didn’t make it. For the second time I thought my dream was dead and had accepted I wouldn’t ever play golf for Michigan. I lived in my fraternity house my sophomore year and had an awesome time.

For some reason the next summer I kept practicing and playing golf.. A LOT. I just love the game of golf and something kept bringing me back. I would practice after work almost every day and play on the weekends. I made my first cut in a professional tournament, the Michigan Open, and almost qualified for the US Amateur again. To my surprise both of the Michigan coaches came to watch me play in my qualifier. I hadn’t even thought about playing on the team anymore. I was just out there playing to challenge myself and see how good I could be. I met with the coaches a week later and about a week before my junior year started I got a call from the head coach telling me they wanted me on the team! My dream that had started when I was 12 and seemed to be dead a few times, was finally a reality.

I played for the team this past year and started all 11 events. It was an unbelievable experience that required even more time and sacrifices than I had imagined but it was worth it. I can’t wait for next year and there is a good chance I will be a team captain. From un-recruited to Michigan team captain.. now wouldn’t that be something.

So there is an overview of long journey to achieve my goal. I felt like I needed to give an overview before I could talk about some of my experiences in detail. I’m looking forward to sharing my story and talking about my unique college life so far.



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