Time to Get the Imaginary Ball Rolling…

10 May

How you doin? (Joey from Friends voice),

Check out my About Me section for information about me and this blog.

Also please don’t judge this blog simply by the name and assume I’m only going to talk about how cool it is to play a sport here at Michigan. I hope that this blog will appeal to those of you who don’t play sports or even care about sports. This blog will be more about my personal experiences over the last few years and a place where I can share some of my current experiences here at Michigan. I have been a part of clubs, Greek Life, and the student athlete community so I feel like I have a lot share and a lot of people I can identify with.

alright so spring term…. This is my first time doing spring term and I’ve quickly realized it’s a great excuse to do nothing and drink a lottt. I’m still practicing 2-3 hours a day but it’s been great to just doing nothing and hang out. During the regular school year, I lost out on a lot of time hanging out with my friends because of golf and school so I’m kinda using this time to make up for the time I lost. So far, most of our time has been spent watching Tiger’s games and playing drinking games like this one called baseball. Enjoy. That’s probably the last time I’ll mention spring term and its boredom so don’t worry. I was just trying to break the ice….




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